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Paparazzi Jewelry by Veronika - Independent Consultant - $5 Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Headbands & More
About Paparazzi
In 2008, Misty Kirby acted on a life long desire to buy, design, and sell jewelry and fashion accessories, and what started as a way to for a trip to Disneyland became Paparazzi.  Starting just before one of the biggest crashes on Wall Street and the worst recession in the USA since the great depression, Paparazzi not only survived but grew rapidly. 
In September of 2009, Misty joined forces with her sister, Chani, exhibiting throughout the Western United States at women’s expos, large outdoor fairs, rodeos, boutiques, themed expos, and even house parties.  Having never been involved in the direct sales industry, Paparazzi wanted to see if this opportunity was for the masses. Within six months, Paparazzi had grown by over 900 percent. This growth continues today, as people decide the American dream is for them, and not just the lucky few. 
We love what we do at Paparazzi. We love our products and more importantly, we love how it makes people feel. By entering the direct selling market we hope to allow everyone from all over to share in our fun.
But whatever you do, have fun doing it. Experience Paparazzi!
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